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Administrative Clerk Cover Letter Sample

Every organization needs someone that is capable to organize the records systematically. It is a necessary position and almost all departments in the organizations required some administrative clerks to be able to do the job properly. Whether it is in a school or a business company, the organization needs someone that can tabulate the data and later post it in the book of records. The stabilization of the office activities is in the hand of an administrative clerk, which is why the organization seeks the one who has more capabilities than the others. The curriculum vitae that the applicant sends should be able to convince the employer that he has the skills that the employer is looking for. Please check this administrative clerk cover letter sample.

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Administrative Clerk Cover Letter Sample

Administrative Clerk Cover Letter Sample

Administrative Clerk Cover Letter Sample

Wendy Hodges
256, Frank East Road
Boston, MH
Phone: 456-8790-678
Email Id:

March 27th, 2012

William Vassey
Recruiting Officer
ILU Inc.,
6746, Astra Boulevard

Dear Mr. Vassey,

I am writing in connection with the job opening advertisement on LMX Post as an administrative clerk which I saw on March 28th 2012. The years of experience that I have are one of the exceptional things that should be considered. I have a wide knowledge regarding business transactions, and the activities in the office. I am an organize person who is committed to the job that I work for. I have great capability in working with the appropriate management of time and tasks.

I have worked for three years as an administration clerk in TYU Co., and also in GHD High Schools in Boston with the same position for another three years. In addition to the working experience, I also have excellent skills in computing and accounting. The broad background that I have makes me an exceptional candidate for the position.

Thank you for considering my application. I look forward to hearing from you.

Wendy Hodges

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