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Sample of Police Officer Cover Letter

Police officers work with the following responsibilities: avoid crimes in several city; maintain order; hold lawbreakers; provide patrol on the streets by car or motorcycle; investigate crimes; maintain and manage database of crimes; and handle criminal cases. Cover letter for police officer job should focuses on skills and experiences in crimes analysis. This police cover letter format consists of introduction, explanation of previous job experiences, explanation of skills and closing. We hope that this cover letter format will be useful for you.

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Sample of Police Officer Cover Letter

Sample of Police Officer Cover Letter

Sample of Police Officer Cover Letter

Hudson Jones
625, Rhode Island Street
Chicago, IL 86722
Telephone: (763) 662-8822
Email ID:

January 25th, 2011

Bradley Stevens
Recruitment Officer
Chicago Police
736, Main Street
Chicago, IL 90212

Dear Mr. Stevens,

I have seen your advertisement in “Illinois Daily News” about the position of Police Officer. I am so interested in this position. I really want to achieve this job.

I have read your requirements in the advertisement. I am sure that I am an ideal candidate for your company. I graduated Bachelor Degree of Police Studies from West Virginia Police Academy with major in Justice and Welfare studies. I have worked as police officer in Virginia Police Force for three years. I handled traffic regulations and procedures. I performed road controlling for reducing violation of traffic regulations. I have successfully reduced violation of traffic regulations up to 12 %. I got good appreciation from senior officers.

I have excellent communication skills that allow me to make good communication with other staffs. Strong leadership and organizational skills make me able to lead other staffs. High-effort and discipline are my principal. I have strong analytical skills to investigate criminal cases. I am honest and hard worker. I want to bring my skills and experiences to prevent citizens from crimes.

I have enclosed my resume along this letter. I hope that it can explain my skills and experience. I am very glad to meet you for interview section. You can contact me at (763) 662-8822 or send information to my email address. Thank you for your attention


Hudson Jones

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